Occupational Health and Safety Committee

Committee Members:

Lorna Hamilton - Chairperson (Health)

Mike Calow (Public Service)

Deron Staffen (Crowns)

Diane Langlois (Education)

Damara Seudath (Community Services)

Patty Weber (Retail Regulatory)

Laena Buller (Human Rights/Equity)

Larry Buchinski - Staff Advisor


2014 Occupational Health and Safety Scholarship

Our scholarshhip of $500 is available to all SGEU members in good standing, their spouses or dependents.

Awards will be made on the basis of a 500 word essay written in your own words about what occupational health and safety is and/or what it means to you and workers' rights.

To apply:  Send a letter of application, the 500 word essay, confirmation of enrollment in an accredited school and a copy of the SGEU membership card.

Application Deadline:  August 31, 2014

Contact:  Larry Buchinski, Occupational Health & Safety Scholarship, SGEU, 1440 Broadway Avenue, Regina  SK  S4P 1E2, tel. no. (306) 775.7245 or email lbuchinski [at] sgeu [dot] org



1972:  Saskatchewan leads

In passing its own Occupational Health and Safety Act, Saskatchewan institutes the concept of internal responsibility system by making health and safety a joint responsibility of employer and employees and requiring the establishment of joint health and safety committees.  It enshrines three fundamental rights of workers:

  • the right to know about the hazards in the workplace;
  • the right to participate in health and safety disucssions at work; and
  • the right to refuse unsafe work.

How to deal with an Occupational Health and Safety (OH & S) concern.

  • Step 1:  Immediately inform your supervisor/person in charge (if the problem is not resolved go to Step 2).
  • Step 2:  Contact your OH&S committee member.  (If the problem is not resolved go to Step 3).
  • Step 3:  Work with the OH&S committee to resolve the concern.  (If the problem is not resolved go to Step 4).
  • Step 4:  Contact the Ministry of Labour Relations and Safety @ 1.800.567.7233, or email workersadvocate [at] gov [dot] sk [dot] ca or visit http://www.lrws.gov.sk.ca

Harper Government putting worker's lives in danger!

Please view the link below for the video in regards to Bill C-4 and also, please note the petition as well.  There have already been 7,000 people fill out letters to the MPs, so please circulate as widely as possible.   


English: http://youtu.be/Q73hgnkaZxE

French: http://youtu.be/QArSbCHi4R0


English Petition: http://www.canadianlabour.ca/right-to-refuse-unsafe-work

French Petition: http://www.congresdutravail.ca/droit-de-refuser-travail-dangereux


Shift Worker Committee