Long Term Disability Supervisory Committee

LONG TERM DISABILITY SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE: To act as Trustees in the supervision of the LTD Plan, as determined by the LTD Plan Text and the SGEU Constitution.

Table Officers (Executive)

Chairperson: Jack Duvall (Public Service)

1st Vice-chair: Wendy Simonson (Health)

2nd Vice-chair: Kyle Robinson (Crown)

3rd Vice-chair: Tim McKay (Public Service)

Members at Large

Jack Duvall (Highways and Infrastructure)

Carolyn Burnett (Canadian Mental Health)

Teresa Clements (Justice)

Mary Ann Harrison (Highways and Infrastructure)

Kirk Hogarth (Economy)

Mary Ann Hogarth (Sask. Pension Plan)

Bernadette Holland (Parkland Regional College)

Debbie Kvamme (Social Services)

Steve LaVallee (Information Services)

Tim McKay (Highways and Infrastructure)

Bonnie McRae (Corrections, Public Safety and Policing)

Diane Ralph (Kesley Trail)

Cynthia Roney (Kelsey Trail)

Pat Sander (Justice)

Luanne Sanderson (Northlands College)

Sharon Schewaga (Workers' Compensation Board)

Wendy Simonson (Kelsey Trail)

Susan Wasnik (Liquor and Gaming)

Patty Weber (Liquor and Gaming)

Brent Wilderman (SIAST)

Brian York (Highways and Infrastructure)

Stephanie McKenzie (Regina Transition House)

sosberg [at] sgeu [dot] org (Shane Osberg) - Staff Advisor