Anti-Privatization Committee

The Anti-Privatization Committee Shall: 

  • Assist Sectors and Bargaining Units in preventing the privatization and contracting out of the work of the SGEU Bargaining Units.

  • Assist Sectors and Bargaining Units in developing strategies to take back work of the Bargaining Units that has been contracted out or disseminated to outside agencies.

  • Be involved in the development of Public Campaigns of the Union against attacks on the work that Bargaining Units are certified to do.

  • Develop modules for education of the membership on privatization and contracting out for inclusion in the SGEU website and union publications, as well as the Union Leadership Development and Distance Education materials curriculum.

  • Develop material for publication to the media on privatization and contracting out in contrast to the merits of quality public services in consultation with the Communications Officers and with the sanction of the President.

Committee Members:

Public Service:            Lynette Napady
                                      Jack Lee
Crown:                          Jeff Sedor 
Health:                          Sandra Martin
Education:                    Brigitte Monteith
Community Services:  Mechilene Veszi
Retail Regulatory:        Bob Stadnichuk

Staff Advisor:                sdusel [at] sgeu [dot] org (Susan Dusel)