Mediated Talks Unsuccessful - September 6, 2011

Academic and Professional Services employees at SIAST walked off the job Tuesday, September 6, 2011 to back up their demand for a fair deal.

SGEU and SIAST met with mediator Tom Hodges throughout Labour Day, September 5, 2011 for mediated talks in an attempt to reach collective agreements for the SIAST Academic and Professional Services bargaining units.

The talks were unsuccessful in reaching agreements.

In trying to come to collective agreements, SGEU has previously met with SIAST through a mediator twice, in November 2010 and January 2011. Both times SGEU and SIAST agreed to withhold job action while in mediation, but those talks did not result in agreement.

On Monday, SGEU worked with the mediator to establish parameters around which he could write a report to settle the outstanding issues of the 26- month negotiations. Negotiations ended when SIAST presented SGEU with a mediation agreement demanding that the union give up our right to strike.

SGEU is looking for an agreement that is comparable to what was offered to the STF and universities in Saskatchewan. SGEU recognizes that fair collective agreements for the instructors and professional services employees at SIAST are important in recruiting and retaining the employees who provide valuable post-secondary skills training for our province.

“SGEU is eager to conclude collective agreements as soon as possible to minimize disruption to students.” said SGEU President Bob Bymoen.


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